Teacher Says Sorry For Throttling School Boy

An English teach who attacked one of his students has apologised in public as he “wai-ed” to the child and his mother.

The school at first, had attempted to the keep the student’s ordeal away from the public eye but it came out on social media. Now the school principal is playing down the incident saying it was a “misunderstanding”.

And with the news breaking, immigration have got involved, who have said that although the teacher is in the country legally, there are some doubts over his teaching qualifications.

The news hit social media when the boy, a student from Lang Suan in the Chumphon province, informed his mother of the assault. He claimed the teacher grabbed him violently by the throat, forcing him to the floor before kicking him.

Teacher Says Sorry For Throttling School Boy

The lad’s injuries were a few bruises but was taken to hospital by his mother as a precautionary measure.

The student’s mother, Suay said students were talking in class and the teacher lost the plot.

Once the story broke, the unnamed teacher and the headmaster, met with the student and parent, where the tutor offered his apologies.

Amazingly, should the tutor escape any punishment from immigration, he will be let off with a simple warning and told not to do it again!

Source : Pattayaone

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