Temporary Crisis Center Orders All Provinces Prepare for Flooding

BANGKOK, 3 September 2018 (NNT) – Thailand’s Temporary Crisis Center has ordered all provinces to prepare appropriate plans as more rains are forecast to hit the north, northeast, east and south between today and September 8.

The Temporary Crisis Center has indicated that heavy rains in the region over the past seven days have necessitated major dams in the Lao PDR to increase discharges. The higher release rates have put Nong Khai, Bueng Kan, Nakhon Panom, Mukdaharn and Ubon Ratchathani at risk of flooding.

The Mekong River is expected to rise rapidly over the next seven days and burst its banks in areas such as Ponpisai and Rattanawabi of Nong Khai, Pak Kad and Bueng Kong Long of Bueng Kan and Khon Jiam of Ubon Ratchathani.

Temporary Crisis Center Orders All Provinces Prepare for Flooding

Relevant units have been told to assess the situation in their areas and prepare plans accordingly while keeping citizens aware of the situation.

Pa Sak River, Songkram River, Huay Luang, Nakhon Nayok River and Prachinburi River have all also shown signs of rising and will likely overflow in the days to come.

Areas below dams, such as those along the Petchaburi and Kwae Noi Rivers, have also been alerted to possible flooding. Authorities have been told to prepare assistance.

Source : NNT


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