Thai Airways clarifies claims they have not

Passengers on the larger side might not be to impressed with a recent announcement from Thai Airways who have said passengers who wish to fly business class on their new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner will have to first pass a waistline test.

Thai Airways director of security, Flight Lieutenant Pratthana Pattanasirim stated today that passengers whose waistlines are greater than 56 inches will be unable to fly business class on the new aircraft.

He said that the reason for this is because the seats in business class are fitted with a new style seatbelt and equipped with air bags to comply with US Federal Aviation Administration Standards.

Thai Airways clarifies claims they have not "banned fat people from flying"

The new belts are not big enough for a passenger who has a bigger waist than 56 inches.

It was also made clear that the seatbelts are also not capable of facilitating a parent with a child on their lap so as a result a parent traveling with a young child will also not be able to fly business class on the new Dreamliner.

The two aircraft have been in service since September last year but the announcement made today is in response to headlines in the Thai media which claimed Thai Airways had banned “fat people from flying.”

Source: The Nation

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