Thai Authorities Moot Compulsory Travel Insurance For Travellers

The Thai Office of the Insurance Commission says they expect to introduce compulsory travel insurance for visitors to Thailand by the end of 2019.

It would be charged to tourists who arrive without travel insurance and go into a ‘fund’ to be used to pay for repatriation costs in the event of misadventure.

The compulsory travel insurance payment would offer up to 1 million baht of coverage in cases of death, with a maximum duration of 30 days, the cost is reported to be as low as 20 baht. Tourists will be expected to pay it as they arrive in Thailand without proof of adequate current travel insurance arrangements.

The Bangkok Post reports that the premium would be directed to Thailand’s Tourism Promotion Fund to operate as a ‘slush fund’ to cover payments in the event of claims.

The new insurance scheme will need to be considered by the Ministry of Sports and Tourism before being considered by the new cabinet.

The Tourism and Sports Ministry, despite admitting that the April and May tourism numbers have dropped year-on-year, especially the Chinese, still predict the number of foreign visitors will reach 40 million this year.


  1. i think the 100 baht option is good as then the remaining funds can go towards making Thailand more safe.

  2. If you have to give Bht 20 at passport control and you don’t have Bht 20 note it will make immigration qeues even longer, Or is the note required 100 will amount to the samething.


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