Top Thai drug enforcer says

The Chief of the Thai Drug Enforcement Agency was quoted by Thai Rath as saying that “E-cigarettes” are bad for a person’s health.

Sirinya Sitthichai said there was proof from the medical community that using E-cigarettes was detrimental to a person’s health.

Top Thai drug enforcer says "E-cigarettes are bad for you"

Sirinya also echoed a warning of the severe consequences for anyone bring in, producing and selling E-cigarettes in Thailand, however he did not mention penalties for personal use.

The Chief said he used information from a publication in the “Journal of Adolescent Health” which he said linked high blood pressure to the nicotine in E-cigarette fluid.

The fines for those who risk importing E-cigarettes if caught can be up to ten years in jail and a fine of five times their stock value.

Those who sell them can face five years in jail and up to a 500,000 baht fine.

E-cigarettes have been widely accepted in western countries as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, however here in Thailand they still remain illegal.

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Source : Thairath

Content : LovePattayaThailand


  1. Why they tell for once not the truth ?? why don’t they say , we loose to much money on taxes when people are vaping , so we will do any thing needed to stop them vaping.
    All over the world ( and any sane person ) they understand that vaping is less more harmful as a cigarette. Also that vaping is not so healthy as it seems , but a cigarette is bad for your health in any way you use it.
    and the nicotine is a drug that is always in a cigarette , and can be from 0mg nicotine to 15mg or more , but is controlable and possible to build down from normal use to almost nothing or realy nothing.
    Just in case anybody would believe the message spread around here in thailand.


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