In a new move to further improve tourism here in Thailand the Ministry of Tourism and Sports recently signed an agreement with Bangkok Dusit Medicals Services (BDSM), Viriyah Insurance and Angel Life ldt in partnership with the Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT).

To start a trial project called the “Tourism Healthcare Emergency System” which has the goal of providing a healthcare package to Chinese tourists whilst visiting Thailand.

The project has the goal of providing health insurance for visitor starting from 50 baht per person per day which would entitle the holder treatment at any BDSM hospital across Thailand as well as an app called “ANGL Guard” which provides a list of hospitals in the immediate area, includes maps and information on those with 24-hours emergency services.

The project is said to provide Chinese tourists with quick and effective medical information and services, if the project proves successful the government will look at rolling out the scheme to tourists from other countries.

The app “ANGL Guard” is currently said to be available in English and Mandarin languages.

People who take part in the scheme will be asked to download the app, register and provide their personal details in order to use the app.

Source: Thaivisa

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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