Well here’s something you don’t see very often the story of a Thai thief who was stealing ladies undergarments from a launderette in Kamphang Phet involved a sting operation and a manhunt to track down the crafty knicker stealer.

The trouble all started when female customers began complaining that their underwear was going missing from a coin-operated launderette business in the Muang district of Kamphaeng Phet.

With more and more items seeming to go missing some customers began to accuse the owner Naphawan Jai-eua, 29, of stealing the garments and as a result the business was beginning to lose customers.

In an effort to track down the thief Naphawan decided to lay a trap installing CCTV and putting out some provocative items out as bait. It didn’t take long for the plan to work when a Thai gentleman arrived and helped himself to several items before making a hasty exit.

The police were quickly called and presented with the footage and after a brief manhunt a man identified only as “Doh” was taken into custody. When Doh was arrested officers found six pairs of ladies underwear in his pick-up and a later search of his house found 50 more items.

The suspect pleaded with officers not to release his identity fearing that family members would be embarrassed by his behaviour. The craft knicker nicker told officers that he had split up with his wife and to be fare he only targeted the one shop.

However it was reportedly the thief’s final words that surprised officers the most stating that he had kept all the items in pristine condition and the victims were more than welcome to have their items back.

No report was given as to what “Doh” was charged with or if he was released, if you live in the area maybe best to keep a close eye on your washing though.

Source: Thaivisa

Content: LovePattayaThailand


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