Thai Man Arrested in Myanmar Over Bomb Joke At Airport

A Thai gentleman, who was travelling from Myanmar to Thailand, could regret his actions when he was informed of a delay in his flight.

The man, known only as Naphat, who is 29-years-old, could face jail and or a hefty fine, after he told security officers he had a bomb is his luggage. It was of course meant as a joke but these days, humour of this description does not go down well with the authorities.

Following the flight delay announcement, the passenger became agitated, when his flight on Saturday was not going to depart on time.

Thai Man Arrested in Myanmar Over Bomb Joke At Airport

As he checked in, he was asked if he had any forbidden items in his luggage to which he responded with “No – Just a bomb!”

He was whisked away by security staff for questioning and will now face prosecution, where he could face five years imprisonment and/or a 200,000 baht fine.

The gent mentioned that he was friendly with superstar model Art Pasut, which did his case no good at all.

Passengers on flights were advised never to joke about such matters as even something said tongue in cheek, must be taken seriously.

Source : Sanook

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