Thai man finds what he alleges were cockroach legs in McDonald's coffee

One Thai man didn’t have a very Happy Meal on his latest trip to McDonald’s after finding what he insists were cockroach legs in his cup of coffee.

The pictures and his tale of woe were uploaded to Facebook and shared on the McDonald’s Thailand page where the post generated over 2,800 comments.

Thai man finds what he alleges were cockroach legs in McDonald's coffee

Nastalgic Eik said the incident happened at the Lotus Rama IV restaurant in Bangkok on Wednesday (October 18.)

He said after finding the legs floating in his coffee is asked the staff for different one assuming that the legs came from the cup but it appeared that more legs were found when pouring a fresh cup.

Mr Eki later posted that a McDonald’s representative had called him regarding the incident and said they were investigating.

McDonald’s Thailand has since confirmed that they have indeed sent someone to investigate.

They said “we have sent a team to inspect the branch in question and the coffee machine has been taken away for further investigation.”

This is not the first reported incident of a person in Bangkok finding a cockroach in part of their McDonald’s meal, back in 2014 a woman claimed to have found one in her ice cream sundae.


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