Thai man’s trip to the bathroom nearly cost him a lot of money

A man from Nakorn Nayok nearly had a very bad day after he stopped at a petrol station restroom to do his business on the way to a wedding and accidentally left a huge gold dowry behind.

Luckily for the man an honest person happened upon the haul of gold which would make any old time pirate jealous as it totalled a whopping 800,000 baht and handed it in to the petrol stations manager.

It wasn’t long before the forgetful owner of the gold realised his tremendous error and managed to convince police that he was the rightful owner of the gold on route to his grandson’s wedding.

It was reported by Daily News that the bag of gold was made up of 40 baht weight of gold necklaces, rings and bracelets.

The gold was found by Rangsan Ketsingsoi, 35, who once happening upon the bag in the toilet was wary of opening the bag fearing what might be inside but decided to take a peek and once realising what it contained handed it in.

The golds owner Thaweechai Khamchompoo, 49, very relieved tried to give Rangsan a reward for handing the gold back in but he refused.

As Rangsan didn’t want a reward Thaweechai gave Rangsan’s son 3,000 baht as “sweet money” and all posed happily for pictures with the police.

It’s nice to see that honest people still do the right thing and don’t expect a reward for doing so.

Source: Thai Visa

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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