thai model

Making headlines yet another time, Mingomut Kongsawas poses at McDonalds, showcasing her undies.

Previously posing nude at a coffee shop, the model, with more than 650k followers on Facebook, is never out of news.

Recent photos of her flashing panties at McDonald’s store have put the store under various questioning. Clarifying to which McDonald’s said; Ronald McDonald is absolutely not into this.

thai model

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“McDonald’s Thailand was not in on this incident. From our investigation, we suspected that the photos were taken in 2017, but has just been shared publicly. However, her action affects the reputation and image of McDonald’s. “The company is gathering information and will prosecute the model and the people who posted and shared the images,” McDonald’s reported on Facebook.

Despite all the commotions with the photos, Mingomut Kongsawas has not uttered a word regarding the matter.

Source : Coconuts

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