Thai model says life is in ruins after sex tape leaked online

A well-known male model in Thailand has pleaded to the online community to stop sharing a sex tape involving him and an ex-girlfriend after it was leaked online.

It was reported by Tnews that the model only know as “k” fessed up to filming the video himself over a year ago when he was still with his ex-girlfriend who is also a well-known model here in Thailand.

K said the pair split up not long after and their relationship and breakup was public knowledge.

He said someone had gotten hold of his phone and posted the video online with bad intentions where it has since spread like wildfire.

There was a lot of suggestions on social media that the video was leaked by K’s new girlfriend which the model strongly dismissed.

The model said that his life is now in ruins and the incident has caused considerable distress to him and his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend.

There was no mention as to K’s new girlfriends feelings on the matter but it can only be assumed she is not to happy either.

Despite pleading and begging with internet citizens the raunchy video continues to be shared and commented upon.

Though no one is named in the footage the images are clear enough for most Thai people to recognise who is in the footage.

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Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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