Thailand’s most loved monk Luang Phor Pian continues to win hearts with his smile even after his death.

Succumbing to illness, Laung Phor Pian died on November 16th 2017 in a Bangkok hospital at the age of 92 but when his body was exhumed by followers, post two months his death, it amazed all. The body had not decayed and most importantly had a smile on his face.

When his body was removed from the coffin, placed at the temple he served, it perplexed everyone on finding that his body had not decayed as it is ought to happen.

His pictures went viral overnight as the body suggested that it had not looked like he hadn’t been dead for more than 36 hours. Most followers believe that his smile is a clear indication of him having attained Nirvana- the highest state of existence that someone can attain according to the Buddhist doctrines.

Critics doing what they best do- completely ruled out the belief of the followers.

Source : ia.meaww

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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