We are always hearing stories regarding visitors to Thailand overstaying their visa times but we rarely read about Thai people being involved in similar cases.

However in South Korea, it seems to be a major headache for the immigration authorities, with over 57,000 Thai people currently in the country illegally.

It is also claimed that 20,000 are dispatched back to the Kingdom from South Korea every year as they have no visas.

Ms Bussadee Santipitak, spokes person of the Foreign Ministry explained how South Korea had permitted Thai nationals entry into the country, without a visa but they had to leave within 90 days. However many elect to stay on and even work in the country illegally.

She advised Thai people to follow the correct procedure when visiting South Korea and adhere to regulations with regards to visas. They should always be specific when detailing travel plans, including where they are staying and people they plan to visit.

Currently it is believed there are 101,000 Thais staying in South Korea with more than half being their illegally.

It would be interested to see how many are visiting North Korea and overstayed!

Source : Thaipbs

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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