Thai cop’s undaunted bravery saves the life of two!

In a fire which broke out in northeastern Khon Kaen province, two lives were at stake- a woman and her six months unborn child.

Baffled by the fire, the woman identified as Wassana Chomali, 30-years-old shouted from her balcony for help.


When Pol. Capt. Wayu Kampa heard the woman crying out for help he immediately decided to help her all alone.

Pol. Capt. Wayu Kampa was informed by a resident that a pregnant woman was stuck in her room due to the fire.

On hearing this, Capt. Wayu, not wasting another moment started climbing through the AC condensers from the third floor to reach the helpless pregnant woman.


On reaching, he found the woman shaking in panic. He quickly investigated the smoke-filled floor corridor before escorting her through the emergency exit of the building. He wrapped the woman in a water soaked towel to ensure her safety and finally both escaped the fire.

Wassana though was admitted to the hospital due to suffocation from the smoke but both she and her unborn child are safe, the Daily News reported.

Source : Coconuts

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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