Thai Public warned of new postal con

A new con is doing the rounds which requires random members of the public to pay for a parcel delivery which they did not order.

Sanook reported that fraudulent online traders could invest a few thousand baht and turn it into a lot more by selecting random targets.

Thai Public warned of new postal con

They referenced a Thai woman who had been taken in by the scam before turning to Facebook to warn others not to be fooled.

Yutha Krainarong was conned by an unknown person who sent her a package from China which she had to pay for upon delivery and before it could be opened.

She said the parcels arrive at the addresses with people’s names and phone numbers all correctly on the label.

Thai Public warned of new postal con

Sanook reported that victims are paying anywhere from 900 to 2000 baht per parcel delivery.

They said the parcels either contained worthless junk or in some cases just plain paper.

They reported that the fraudsters could easily turn 20,000 baht into 100,000 baht by preying on the gullibility of the public.

Source : Sanook

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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