Now it is no secret that many Thai people are obsessed with getting white skin, well it seems that men are now in pursuit of getting white skin on their penis after a controversial procedure at a Bangkok clinic made national headlines yesterday.

Reportedly over 100 Thai men a month are flocking to the Lelux Hospital in Bangkok to undergo laser whitening on their tackle and costs $650 (21,000 baht).

The procedure which uses laser whitening of the skin was widely shared on Thai social media yesterday as well as Thai Television after the clinic released images of a patient undergoing the procedure.

Thai social media goes into overdrive over Penis skin whitening fad
Thai social media goes into overdrive over Penis skin whitening fad

The manager of the Skin and laser department at the clinic Bunthita Wattanasiri said “we have to be careful with the procedure, it’s a sensitive part of the body” it was stated that the majority of those undergoing the procedure were between the ages of 22 to 55-years old.

She noted that the procedure is carried out by a “small laser”.

The clinic is no stranger with making national headlines when a procedure they call the “3D Vagina” also made national headlines last year where a patient’s own body fat is used to make their genitalia more plump.

The Thai online community is divided over this latest skin whitening fad with some condemning it while others have taken to making light-hearted jokes.

Source : The Nation

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