Authorities estimate it may take as long as a month before they can get to the rental car of two missing Thai students that fell into a canyon in Kings Canyon National Park in California

Their car was spotted submerged in water at the bottom of a 150-meter ravine not far from the motorway towards the entrance of the park.

Students Thiwadee Sangsuriyarit, 24, and Bhakapon Chairatantongporn, 28, were attending the South Florida University and went missing last month on their way to the National Park.

Thai student’s rental car crashed in US park unreachable for a month

Local police found a 20-meter long skid mark on the road where the rental car is believed to have veered off the road and over the edge of the cliff. The car was spotted during a helicopter search of the park.

The terrain where the car landed is inaccessible to helicopters and the only way to access it is via boat but because of melting snow the current is too strong to reach it at present.

Rescue teams could take up to a month to reach the car however they could not give an exact timetable. Both families of the students are awaiting visas to travel to the United States.

Bhakaphon’s mother said her son “Golf” was due to graduate university in December after studying engineering and the family had been planning to attend the ceremony.

She had often warned her son about driving in the US as he was not used to the roads and she believed he was driving after she found out he had an international driving licence.

The two students were reported missing after not returning to their hotel last month.

Source : Thairath

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