Police in Udon Thani have charged a 22-year- old woman with murder after she confessed to officers that she repeatedly stabbed her 62-year- old husband to death.

Apparently events that led up to the fatal stabbing transpired after an argument broke out when the woman found a condom in her husband’s pocket leading her to believe he was stepping out on her.

According to reports Nittaya Saengdeuan stabbed her husband Amnuay Wensila numerous times until he was dead then hid the body in a septic tank behind the couple’s house.

Initially denying any involvement in the matter Nittaya eventually cracked under interrogation and confessed to her crime and officer then took the young woman to re-enact her crime yesterday.

Once at the house investigating officers found her husband’s body inside the septic tank.
Nittaya told officers that she was angry after finding the condom and believed that Amnuay had a “gik” (mistress) and an argument broke out and she stabbed him.

She said he attempted to run but she stabbed him ten more times before hiding his body in the tank.

Currently officers have charge the 22-year- old with murder but are looking at adding hiding a corpse to the list of charges.

Source: Daily News

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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