A Thai woman handed herself in to police officers in Phuket and confessed to strangling her German husband to death last night in their home in Phuket’s Chalong district.

Nirandorn Pratumsin, 52, surrendered to officers at the Chalong Police Station at 10pm last night (September 25) telling officers as she arrived that she had killed her husband Johann Speckbacher, 79.

Thai wife confesses to murdering German husband in Phuket

She reportedly told officers that she used a rope to strangle Johann at 7pm and that his body was still in their home.

Officers took Nirandorn to their home where the house was locked, Nirandorn lead officers inside to the dining room where husband’s body lay on the floor.

Thai wife confesses to murdering German husband in Phuket

Officers examined the body and found marks on his neck consistent with Nirandorn’s claims.

Lt. Chanat Hongsitthichaikul said that the woman claims the pair were arguing and she lost her patients and she committed the act without thinking.

Forensic teams have been called in to examine the crime scene and the investigation is ongoing but officers have already charged Nirandorn with murder.

Source : Thephuketnews

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