Social media went nuclear after a video was posted online which showed an angry woman put a rope around a child’s neck at threaten to kill him.

The woman apparently carried out the heinous act because her husband was not answering his phone.

Shocked and worried internet citizens hurriedly contacted the police who were soon on the scene and said that the child was safe.

The video shows a woman clearly incredibly angry at her husband.

The woman spoke in Thai saying “Joe, this is your kid, is this a rope?”

She uses the rope to hoist the young child into the air nearly strangling the boy before throwing him to one side and remarking he’s not dead yet.

The barrage of threats continues as she then threatens to take the boy somewhere else and kill him.

It is unclear whether the child is the woman’s son or not.

The clip was shared with a concerned message stating “My daughter-in-law is crazy, what can I do?”

The video was said to have been filmed in Soi Chalong Krung 39, in Bangkok.

A statement was issued to worried members of the public assuring them that the child was safe and both the police and child services were involved.


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