Reportedly last Sunday, a Chiang Mai woman shot her husband’s mistress.

Chaweewan, a 27-years-old woman followed her husband to a San Sai short time hotel. Around midday, she created a ruckus right in front of room number 16, in which her husband, Makoree, 35, was allegedly present.

The 19-years- old Thitiya opened the door and the wife on finding her husband with her, in a tussle shot the mistress on her right thing.

Thai Woman Shoots Her Husband’s Mistress
Thai Woman Shoots Her Husband’s Mistress

On finding the situation worsening, the husband called for the rescue team.

The wife has been taken to Mae Jo Police Station and charged for causing physical injury and for carrying a weapon.

Source : Sanook

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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