A Thai woman (pretty) is at the centre of an ongoing dispute after her and a close friend went topless on Facebook live as part of a promotional stunt.

Maeya, 23, said she did it to get money for her parents and brothers and sisters stating “celebrities do it all the time, if they can, why not me.”

Maeya and a friend Nam were paid by a football website to perform the eye catching promotional stunt.

Thai women who went topless on online did it to get money for parents

There stunt however did catch the eye of a high profile human rights lawyer Sangkan Achariyasap who has launched a complaint with the Bank Khen police force in Bangkok.

Maeya appeared on channel 3 wearing a facemask to defend her actions claiming that she used to be a pretty in the motor racing industry and was unaware she was doing anything wrong stating that she was not married and didn’t have a boyfriend.

Thai women who went topless on online did it to get money for parents

She said the company offered them more money if they took their tops off so they did.

The money was going to her family.

Maeya claimed she had no idea that showing her assets would cause so much trouble.

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Source : Dailynews

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