Thailand comes in 9th place for world's most visited countries

The United Nation’s World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) published a report on the world’s most visited countries and Thailand made the 9th spot on the list thanks to the countries reputation of picturesque beaches and relaxed lifestyle.

Thailand continues to move up the ranking having been ranked previously in tenth spot, this time after the arrival of 32.6 million tourists last year Thailand climbed to 9th.

The report also included a ranking of tourism receipts where again Thailand rose up the ranks from 5th to 3rd after the nation made $49.9 billion from the tourism sector.

Thailand comes in 9th place for world's most visited countries

The UNWTO used information from 2016’s tourism data from across the globe to conduct the report.

They expect if the current trend of world travellers continues that the number of international travellers worldwide will reach 1.8 billion by 2030 as the current number of international travellers is increasing at 3.3% per year.

The top 5 most travelled to destinations are as follows.

  1. France (82.6 million tourists)
  2. USA (75.6 million tourists)
  3. Spain (75.6 million tourists)
  4. China (59.3 million tourists)
  5. Italy (52.4 million tourists)

Source : Coconuts

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