Should Thailand Accept Foreign Driving Licences?

Should Thailand recognise foreign driving licenses and permit tourists to drive here without the need to obtain a Thai licence?

According to a poll taken in Puket, 78% of those who took part said “YES“.

They called for officials involved in traffic law enforcement to change the law so that qualified foreign drivers can legally drive in the Kingdom.

Should Thailand Accept Foreign Driving Licences?

Phuket of course is a major tourist hub but under present laws, those visiting the area cannot legally hire a car or motorbike. Despite the fact that many nations force their citizens to sit strict driving tests, often after a long period of taking lessons – their permission to drive is still refused.

When you think about the standard of driving here, it is ludicrous that foreigners cannot use their own licence.

Tell us what you think. Should the authorities accept a foreign licence especially if they have been through a test procedure to get it?

Source : Thephuketnews

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