A conference was held at Thammasat University between environmental groups and representatives from the plastic industry to discuss the issue of plastic bags.

That’s right plastic bags were on the agenda and it appears that many are calling for an all-out war on the use or overuse of plastic bags here in the kingdom with many calling for a charge to be issued for every bag.

The move was suggested after a survey revealed that over 50 percent of Thai people agreed that the best way to reduce the number of plastic bags improperly disposed of (litter) is to begin charging people for each bag, the practice is already in place in many countries, in England plastic bags cost £0.05 each.

Thailand declaring war on plastic bags- a charge for each bag?

Those representing the plastic industry at the conference said that the bags were not to blame but the people who discard them after use.

Others in attendance noted that if a charge was to be issued for each bag then they would all have to be of a sufficient quality so as to not break.

Only time will tell if the government decide to start charging for plastic bags.

What do you think would you welcome a charge for bags if it reduces the amount of rubbish across the kingdom?

Source: Channel 3

Content : Love Pattaya Thailand


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