Thailand to invest 47-billion-baht in rural development projects

According to an announcement made by the Agriculture Minister Krisada Boonraj the Thai Agriculture Department will team up with the Interior ministry and several other organisations to begin a multi-billion-baht project towards the end of the month.

The project is scheduled to begin on February 21 when a total of 7,663 teams, one for each of the kingdoms tambons will visit villages all across the Thailand to gather information on the public’s needs.

The project entitled the Thai Niyom programme is designed to tackle poverty in rural areas in a more effective manner by reforming the kingdoms agricultural sector.

The initial funding for the project will be provided by the Agriculture Ministry who will supply 35-million baht with the rest of the funding coming from other sources.

Krisada said that the first phase of the project would involve in depth interviews with low income households to best identify measures needed to help them.

3.2 billion baht has been allocated to help farmers start growing more economical crops in an effort to reduce the chances of low pricing because of oversupply.

Thailand to invest 47-billion-baht in rural development projects

3.4 billion baht will be used to create new crop varieties, seeds and livestock.

Thailand to invest 47-billion-baht in rural development projects

15 billion baht will be spent trying to reduce the economic inequalities between Thai citizens.

Finally 19 billion baht is to be spent improving rural irrigation systems.

The overall budget for the rural reform is estimated to be 47 billion baht.   

Source : The Nation

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