There are now over 400 convicts currently sitting on death row in Thailand, which is now beginning the process of reviewing the use of the death penalty.

The Rights and Liberties Protection Department’s director Pitikan Sithidej said yesterday that they have begun the process to allow judges to use their own judgement on whether a convict should be sentenced to the death penalty, instead of handing out the death penalty for certain offenses as an only option.

She elaborated that further talks will be held over whether or not to stop the death penalty completely for crimes that do not affect other people’s lives.

Currently under Thai law there are 63 crimes that result in the death penalty including some drug related offenses.

Speaking at the recent World Day against the Death Penalty on October 10, both Pitikan and the first counsellor for political, press and information, Colin Steinbach said that there was no tangible evidence that the use of the death penalty reduces crimes.

They said that out of 198 countries, 141 of them have stopped the use of the death penalty.

Thailand first introduced the death penalty back in 1935 where those convicted would face a firing squad, however the use of lethal injection has since taken over.

The last execution in Thailand was back in 2009, and it is expected that Thailand will soon stop the sentence altogether.

Source  : The Nation

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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