Is Thailand Losing The War On Drugs

We read daily reports of police raids seizing substantial amounts amphetamine
and marijuana for instance, so surely this must be having a measurable impact on
those who deal in the illicit drug markets?

We hear that farmers and now allowed to produce hemp and possibly kratom.
How do you feel about this?

One of the directors of the Office of Narcotics Control Board, Mana Siripithayawat,
has stated that changes to the law are consistent with the United Nations
consensus to move away from harsh suppression of current policies regarding
drug offences.

Mana also stressed there was no desire to see a repeat of the drug war that
resulted in 2,500 people dead, twenty or so years ago. The problem with those
tactics are that many innocents are often caught up in the crossfire and turmoil.
But surely when culprits are caught red handed, the punishment should be severe
enough to persuade others to stay clear of drug trafficking?

Many people have fought hard in their campaign to legalise cannabis, especially
for medicinal purposes and it is difficult to find fault in those arguments. But drugs
that are highly addictive and ruin people’s lives are a totally different kettle of fish –
aren’t they?

In Thailand, the penalty for drug offences can be harsh and they do indeed need
to be reformed. For instance at present, being in possession of a few ya-ba pills
can be seen as an attempt to sell and a lengthy jail sentence often follows,
resulting in overcrowded prisons.

Those sort of offences could be dealt with by a fine for example. However, those
caught with thousands of pills, who are intending to sell and gain reward, should
be dealt with sternly, to avoid the problems that many western nations face with
their drug cultures.

Education is another key factor when dealing with narcotics. Lessons can be
taught at school on the dangers of taking drugs.

There is a lot of pros and cons when debating the use of various drugs and no
doubt we will still be discussing the topic for decades to come.
Tell us your thoughts. Should cannabis be legalised?

Should those supplying heroin be jailed for decades to discourage others?
Should the penalty for selling amphetamines be lowered?


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