Thailand now has its first legal craft

On September 12 the people of Bangkok were treated to the release of the first batch legal Nonthaburi Mead, being marketed as the first legal mead in Thailand as is known as “honey wine.”

The mead is made in Chiang Mai from 100% local longan honey by two brothers at the Nonthaburi Brewing Company, Nattachai and Teerapat Ungsriwong.

Thailand now has its first legal craft "Honey wine"

In Thailand the law does not allow small scale breweries to operate legally however a licence for their latest product was given as it is undistilled “fermented alcohol.”

70 bottles of the mead that apparently tastes like lemon honey soda were sold at the turtle bar in Pak Kret on Tuesday with 50 more available today (September 14) at the Dok Kaew House Bar in Bangkok.

A final price for the “honey wine” has not been decided on the brothers say they are waiting until the new tax rates come into effect at the weekend before deciding what they will charge for Thailand mead.

Source : Khaosodenglish

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