Thailand has come out top in a list of best countries in the world to start a business in by a survey carried out by US News

The website “Best Countries” is a ranking and analytical project designed to capture and compare data on how countries are perceived on a global scale.

The survey was carried out across 80 countries using more than 21,000 global citizens measuring factors such as trade, travel and investment to determine the effect on each nation’s economies.

Thailand rated the best country in the world to start a business

For the second year running Thailand came in first place for the best country in the world to start a new business and also moved up to 26th place for best overall country in the world.

The factors that are taken into account in the survey that decides best place to start a business are affordability, bureaucracy, manufacturing costs, connection to the rest of the world and access to capital.

Thailand also ranked in the world best top ten in several other categories.

4th for best country for adventure, 7th best country for heritage and 8th best country for those traveling alone.

If you’re thinking of starting your own business perhaps Thailand is the place for you.

Source : Thenation

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