Thailand Rates As Number One Country For Extra Marital Affairs

Adultery is common around the world but which country do you think has the highest rate of unfaithfulness on the planet?

With so many dating sites now making it easy to meet people for sex, without venturing into a bar or nightclub, the opportunities have increased tenfold for men and woman to play away from home.

This of course also reduces the chances of being caught. Simply meet the lady or man or your choice in a hotel, have some fun and return home to your partner, who is likely to be none the wiser.

Thailand Rates As Number One Country For Extra Marital Affairs

So which nation has the worst record when it comes to playing the field after marriage or when involved in a serious relationship?

Many may think it would be the United Kingdom but those who put the Great in Great Britain, could only manage number nine on the league table of sin.

The sexiest nation in the world, France come in at fifth place, despite them being open minded and known for their sexy attitude. They do however consider an affair to be an acceptable part of life in France.

Thailand Rates As Number One Country For Extra Marital Affairs

Italy, known for the world’s most famous ladies man, Casanova, could only hit the number three spot, despite it’s many fancy restaurants and suave chat up lines by the gentlemen.

Now most would have expected Sweden to be number one or at least high ranking but it fails to even enter the top ten. Instead it is Denmark who claim the runners-up spot, especially if you live in Copenhagen. The city’s poll suggests that more than a third of adults have cheated on their partners.

So who is number one? Which country are the men and women most likely to jump into bed with someone else?

The answer is Thailand. Over 56% of the population polled, confessed they had slept around, which is hardly surprising when you consider how easy it is to obtain sex in Thailand.

Thailand Rates As Number One Country For Extra Marital Affairs

Even Thai people are known to have many extra friends, who they meet for casual sex, especially the younger generation.

So if you are sexually promiscuous and fancy a fling with someone of the opposite or even the same sex, Thailand is the place to be.

The full list of top ten nations where people are likely to mess around is as follows:

1. Thailand
2. Denmark
3. Italy
4. Germany
5. France
6. Norway
7. Belgium
8. Spain
9. United Kingdom
10. Finland

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Source : Mirror

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