Thailand sets October date for beloved late king’s cremation

Construction of a huge cremation building is currently being carried out on a plot of land specially reserved for royal funerals just outside the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

The cremation of the nation’s beloved late king Bhumibol Adulyadej will happen on October 26, a little over one year after his death which plunged the country into morning.

A government spokesman announced that the funeral will take place over five days starting on October 25, with the cremation taking place on the second night. He also announced that the 26 th will be made a public holiday.

Few alive today will remember the last funeral for a Thai king as at his time of death King Bhumibol was 88 years old and the world’s longest-reigning monarch. While his health weakened over the last years of his reign his death still left much of the population devastated and bereft.

The nation has been observing a year of mourning since his passing with many choosing only to wear black or white as a mark of respect. The crematorium complex that is currently being built and will be filled with hundreds of statues specially sculpted for the ceremony which depict gods and mythical beasts made to represent Mount Meru.

The ceremony will be broadcast worldwide and will be one of the most expensive in history with a budget of 1 billion baht.

It is expected that the late king’s successor King Maha Vajiralongkorn will hold his coronation after the ceremony before years end.




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