Thailand - The Least Miserable Country In the World

It is not known as the “Land of Smiles” for nothing. The Kingdom of Thailand is regarded as one of the happiest places on earth to live and to prove that, it has just been named as the “least miserable” country from a list of 66, on the Bloomberg Misery Index (BMI).

Despite their being a fair amount of poverty across the nation, Thailand edged to top spot for the fourth year in succession.

The BMI is calculated based on the fact the country has low inflation and low unemployment figures but is that really enough to make Thailand the happy nation that it reportedly is?

Thailand - The Least Miserable Country In the World

Low unemployment is obviously a good sign but low wages also mean, many people struggle to survive. Yet the amazing Thai people always appear to be happy.

The cost of living is generally cheaper than most European countries but there are signs that certain products are creeping up in price. Beer and cigarettes for instance have seen increases over the last couple of years. Yet the price of a beer or packet of smokes is still way below the average across the western world.

Thailand - The Least Miserable Country In the World

And when you consider the amount of bars in the city of Pattaya, where thousands of girls are employed, it is not hard to see why the nation appears to truly be “The Land of Smiles”.

Pattaya can party like no other city. It is the ultimate in entertainment for adults, with every bar, offering fun and hilarity; something that no other country can provide.

Yes – Thailand in general really is a happy place to be and long may it continue.

Keep smiling!

Source : Thaivisa

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