Is Thailand the place for British people to retire to following Brexit? Well Thailand believe so, and have launched a campaign to attract the British pensioner to the Kingdom

The president of Thailand Elite, a government-owned agency which operates the country’s exclusive visa scheme, told the Press Association that Britain’s divorce from the EU was a chance to strengthen ties between the two countries.

Many Brits head to the Mediterranean to retire but with the uncertainties since Brexit, many may seek other nations to settle in.

Of course Thailand has much to offer. Sunshine, beaches, entertainment and of course girls but at £481 per year along with the £48,138 one off fee for a twenty year visa, it does not come cheap. Promoters say the low cost of living helps to balance the initial outlay but as many of us know, prices are on the increase in Thailand.

There is also the ten year visa for £24,000 and a five year option costing around £12,000.

Juerg Steffen, group chief operating officer at Henley & Partners, an international residence and citizenship advisory firm that promotes the programme, said visa schemes like Thailand’s were providing a clarity amid Brexit uncertainty.

Are you an expat who has been here a long time. Tell us what you think. Are the costs mentioned above value for money or should they be scrapped, seeing as expats already spend their hard earned savings in the Kingdom anyway?

Many purchase condos, open businesses or simply live a decent standard of life, spending their money in local businesses including bars, restaurants and supermarkets. Brits purchase cars and motorbikes, which again supports the local economy.

Tell us your story. How do you feel about current visa options?


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