Thailand Voted World's Most Chinese Friendly Tourist Destination

A survey carried out by has seen Thailand voted the most Chinese tourist-friendly nation in the world.

The website just published its sixth report of its Chinese International Travel Monitor (CITM) which boasts Thailand as being the most hospitable country for Chinese tourists.

Thailand Voted World's Most Chinese Friendly Tourist Destination

Other countries near the top of the poll were Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong’s special administrate region.

The information obtained was taken from 3,000 Chinese travellers and 3,800 hotels across 38 countries to create the survey which saw Thailand come out on top.

The report also called on all tourism industries to pay attention to a new generation of Chinese tourists who often travel and look for new and unique experiences.

With more and more tourists coming to Pattaya each year it seems that the Thai tourism industry is doing something right.

Source : NNT

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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