Thailand's Ministry Assures Visitors Security Will be Stricter After Bombing

Thailand is to intensify security at sensitive locations following the blast that injured 20 plus people at the military owned Phramongkutklao Hospital on Monday.

The foreign ministry assured foreigners that every possible step will be taken to assure people’s safety.

“Any security measures that are not working will need to change” a spokes person confirmed

The bombing is believed to be linked to the third anniversary of the military junta taking control of Thailand, although no one has claimed responsibility for the atrocity.

In a day that saw youngsters killed in a bombing at Manchester arena, everyone is aware of the dangers normal people face as we go about our lives.

Thailand, like many other nations, have been attacked previously.

Four people and dozens were wouunded, in a beach attack, a day after Thais voted overwhelmingly to accept a military-backed constitution, that critics said would only serve to entrench military power.

Let us pray for peace across the globe and stop these senseless killings.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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