It was reported by Daily News that the top prosecutor in Thailand is set on going after high profile criminals that have managed to escape punishment.

The story featured by Daily News outlined Khemchai Chutiwong’s intentions and featured a mock-up picture depicting three high profile wanted fugitives which included former Prime Ministers Thaksin and Yingluck as well as the Red Bull heir.

Khemchai spoke at a meeting for regional chief prosecutors on Tuesday.

Speaking at the meeting Khemchai detailed a five point plan which with the cooperation of international agencies intends to bring high profile fugitives to justice.

It was not only fugitives that were discussed at the meeting Khemchai said that the publics rights need to be maintained and that regional offices need to be empowered so as to provide the best and most efficient service in accordance of the law.

He stressed the importance of ensuring justice for all members of the public and that the law must be upheld.

Source: Thaivisa

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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