One Thai man has had the country in stitches with his spot on impersonation of Mr Bean.

43-year-old Mongkol Preechajan has been touring Thailand decked out in the iconic figure brown suit, red tie and signature teddy bear after gaining instant fame for his appearance on popular television show “Thailand’s got Talent” in 2016 where his impression of Rowan Atkinson’s hapless Mr Bean made him an overnight sensation.

Since his appearance on the show the video of his performance has been viewed over 5 million times in a country where Mr Bean is among the most popular foreign comedians, many attributing his popularity to the fact his comedy routines are speechless making them universally understandable.

Thailand's Mr Bean has prisoners laughing all over the kingdom

Since his rise to fame in 2016 Mongkol has been touring the kingdom performing and posing for pictures with fans in the style of the famous British character.

Mongkol said he first became obsessed with Mr Bean when he was a teenager when he liked the show for the characters “cheeky personality.”

He said that he has spent countless hours in front of the mirror working on imitating Mr Bean’s trademark expressions.

Thailand's Mr Bean has prisoners laughing all over the kingdom

Not only has the Thai comic been performing his route on Television and at shows in the nation’s capital he has also been touring the countries prisons in an effort to lighten the mood for prisoners.

Recently he performed at a prison in Nakhon Nayok where hundreds of inmates were in stiches after Thailand’s Mr Bean accompanied by his teddy bear payed the inmates a visit.

One inmate who watched the show told reporters “it has lightened up the mood here a lot.”

It’s unclear if the Thai comic has purchased a mini similar to which Rowan Atkinson character was often seen behind the wheel of but best to keep your eyes peeled when out and about, who knows you might get to meet Thailand’s Mr Bean if you do.

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