Scientists in the USA have completed a study of the world’s fittest and least fit countries.

Personnel from Stanford University, California, used data from smartphones from more than 700,000 people all over the world to analyse how many steps people were taking each day to try and find out what factors determine obesity levels.

Thailand's Ranking In List Of Worlds Laziest Countries

The average number of steps taken each day was found to be 4,960 per day.

Hong Kong found to take the most steps on average per day at 6,880 and was therefore deemed the fittest.

Indonesia was deemed the laziest only taking an average of 3,513 steps per day.

Thailand narrowly lost out to the 30th spot on the list to the United States which took an average of 4,774 steps per day while Thailand took 4,764 steps. So close..

The list which covered 46 countries also saw Australia, Canada and New Zealand take fewer steps than the average.

Thailand's Ranking In List Of Worlds Laziest Countries

The study found that ‘active inequality’ was the highest factor in determining obesity levels.

Active inequality is the size of the gap between the most and least active members of the population.

Countries with a small gap between the most and least active were found to have the lowest levels of obesity.

This study carried out by Stanford University is said to be 1000 times bigger than any previously conducted.

Source : Thenation

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