The on setting monsoon might hit hard if Thailand’s Royal Irrigation Department (RID) doesn’t act soon. Data revealed that 50 reservoirs across the country were more than 80% full of their holding capacity.

The rainy season of Thailand officially begins this week and with it begins Thailand’s miseries. Even before the actual season has started, many reservoirs are already overflowing with water.

Authorities claim that unlike the previous year, they are equipped and prepared in advance to manage through this situation. Assured by Somkiat Prajumwong, director-general of the newly established National Water Resources Office that related agencies have been ordered to look into the reservoirs across the country and draft an emergency water evacuation strategy. Further order to drain out as much as water possible has been given to RID, the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, and the Interior Ministry  to strengthen the dams, ensuring the safety of the reservoirs.


Statistics are revealing a more dreadful situation, i.e. five of the reservoirs of medium size are already well over their maximum holding capacity, which means, that these dams can overflow at any moment.

“We have to act fast and try to reduce the water in all reservoirs to lower than 60 per cent before the full stage of the rainy season,” said Somkiat. He further clarified that in case the required target is not met, the National Water Resources Office has already ordered the owner of the reservoirs to plan emergency protocol to inform officers about the necessary actions that needs to be taken of the dam levels are breached.

Facing a similar situation last year at least 4 reservoirs were breached which caused extensive flooding downstream due to dams collapsing and leading to loss of many lives.
Huai Zaikamin Reservoir in Sakon Nakhon province, dams was destroyed due to heavy rain last year causing the entire Sakon Nakhon city to be inundated with deep floodwater within a few hours.

For the very first time the country’s water management policy was under the control of a single agency, having power on the related agencies, informed Somkiat. This unified plan will help them execute immediate actions without further delay.

“We also listened to people’s complaints about the problems from water management in water retention fields from last year. The office has ordered the RID and the Highway Department to make sure that floodwater in water retention fields will not be too high and cause travel difficulties for the people like in previous years.”, Somkiat said.

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