Are Thailand's Roads Dangerous? Damn Right They are!

According to figures, Thailand has the most dangerous roads in the world, especially if you ride a motorbike.

Tell us something we do not know we hear you say.

Claims that 5,500 bikers die on the Kingdom’s roads every year will shock many but not those who live in the country. That is an amazing 15 people per day.

Many of those who die are expats or tourist, who have little or no experience in riding motorcycles let alone riding one in the madness of the likes of Pattaya’s roads.

Many Thais, do not possess a driving licence.

You can hire a motorbike at most hire shops, without providing a valid licence.

The majority of locals do not wear any form of safety gear, including helmets and when they do, they are often cheap or poor quality offerings that won’t save a life.

People ride up to five on a bike, transporting babies in their arms.

You will see everything from a mattress to a dog being moved around by motorcycle.

Tyres often have no tread.

People text or view Facebook whilst riding.

Underage drivers are a common sight.

Many people happily jump on a motorbike under the influence of alcohol.

Can you see where the problems lie?

The solution is easy. No licence or helmet – confiscate the bike. Drunk – send them to jail. Stop hire shops renting bikes without proof of a valid licence.

The police need to clamp down on riders who drive with more than two on a machine. They must stop bikes driving against the flow of the traffic and of course on pavements.

Most of the deaths are avoidable by simple actions and some education.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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