There was a large number of outspoken angry Thai internet citizens this week after it came to light police are using a new method to stop people changing lanes.

A video of the new technology in action was posted online leading to many unhappy citizens commenting on its “unfair” nature.

The video was posted on Facebook along with a warning not to stray over the red line seen in the accompanying picture or face a fine of 500 baht, which if not paid within 7 days of the fine being issued would increase to 1,500 baht.

Thai's furious online after authorities use new "smart line" technology

Many angrily commented online that it was just another way to get money out of motorists while others felt that if the authorities didn’t want people to change lanes there why not erect a barrier.

One user pointed out that from the footage an average of 23 vehicles a minute could stray over the line which would be a little of 33,000 a day.

It was not stated in the Facebook post where the new technology was in use but probably best to drive a little more cautiously from now on.

Source:  Isan Makmuan Isan Record

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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