Social media users here in Thailand were once again up in arms after photos of a foreign couple were being widely shared showing a foreign couple spray painting or “tagging” a wall in Koh Lanta.

The photos appear to show a western man paint can in hand though as the paint was green we can’t really say he was caught red handed and his female accomplice tagging the wall which apparently happened on Saturday (January 13) after the images were posted to the Koh Lanta info group the following day.

The couples motorcycle can be seen in the images and the license plate is clearly visible so once police start looking into the matter it shouldn’t be too difficult for Thailand’s finest to track the pair down.

Thai's outraged after foreign couple caught tagging in Koh Lanta

Comments on the post labelled the pair as “idiots” and said “they show a complete lack of respect.”

This is not the first instance of foreign tourists tagging whilst here in the kingdom just last month another foreign couple found themselves in hot water for writing graffiti on Silom Road in Bangkok after a video of them carrying out the act went viral on social media.

Thai's outraged after foreign couple caught tagging in Koh Lanta

Police later arrested the taggers from Silom Road identifying them as an American couple and after a lot of apologising from the pair they were issued with a fine of 5,000 baht each.

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