Thaksin: Election Rigged With Many Irregularities

Former Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra told Agence France-Presse yesterday that Thailand’s election was marred by “irregularities” and “rigged”.

He says the military rigged the election system to retain their political grip on the kingdom.

“Everyone knows in Thailand, everyone international that observed the election in Thailand, knows that(there is irregularities,” he told AFP in English.

“What we call, we should call, rigged elections is there. It’s not good for Thailand.”

Ousted in another coup back in 2006 and living in exile ever since, the 69 year old remains a pivotal figure in Thai politics despite efforts of the Junta to reduce his influence.

The political map emerging from Sunday’s election still shows there is a stark political divide between the North and North-east, his former strongholds, and the rest of the country.


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