A RESCUED monkey beams as she cuddles her ­saviour — and refuses to let go.

The six-year-old macaque was trapped in a temple and refused all efforts to save her till rescue worker Kittaya Leeteuk arrived.


She instantly climbed on his back and clung on with a huge grin as he drove her to safety in Lampang, Thailand.

Kittaya said: ”The monkey has been fed by children at the temple for six years. She was tame and would never hurt anyone.

”But a few months ago she became fierce and started chasing people. When children brought snacks she would be stressed and attack them. It was dangerous to people.


”She had a problem where she needed help because she was stuck and nobody could touch her. When I came her behaviour changed and she was very soft and loving.”

Kittaya said Layla would now be taken to vets who will look at her behaviour to check why she has become aggressive.

He added: ”I will see her again. I will check that she’s OK and help her to become safe and happy again.”

Source : The Sun


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