The Man of the hour-

In an extensive interview, Pol Maj Gen Surachet Hakpal, the deputy commissioner of the Tourist Police Bureau, gave detail accounts of the work done by him and his team in making Thailand a better place for both its residents as well as for the tourists.

Dealing with matters such as online crime, technology, foreigners committing offences, street racers, press conferences, betting and tourism, he has successfully achieved public confidence. With renewed cooperation both within Thailand and other forces around the world and also between other agencies, a major decrease in crime rate has been observed.

His presence in Thailand and abroad is because of his untiring effort towards the betterment of the society.  Affectionately known as “Joke Waan Jiap”, he is also called the “Big Joke” by the Thai media for his pleasant nature. Known to many high officials he is known as a “Person of Great Prestige” (Phuu Maak Baaramee).

Not to be mistaken with his sweet nature, Surachet is strong and determined when it comes to crime and criminals.

In his interview, he praised the social media specially Facebook which helped to decline crimes like romance scams and call center crime. This has also affected the business of the call centers.

The Man of the hour- "Big Joke"

He said that weekly at least three victims of romance scammers are reported and this is because of nationals of Uganda, Nigeria and Cameroon, who comes in with a tourist visa but do not return. From 100,000 over stayers, involved in drugs, human trafficking and money laundering the number has gone down to 40,000 after his efforts.

He thanked the head of the Royal Thai Police Chakthip Chaijinda for his efforts in making a better organizational structure.

Also, agreements between various sections of the forces have contributed to the cooperation with banks, foreign police forces and other agencies making it easier for the police to perform better.

He also thanked the National Telecommunications and Broadcasting Commission (NTBC) for their help against cyber crimes.

In reference to the arrest of a Cambodian national, he said the people spreading fake news about the Prime Minister is surely to get arrested and also people sharing these new will be charged.

He addressed another ongoing problem faced by Thailand. Easy availability of unregistered SIM cards, i.e. often one name is registered for 10,000 chips is the reason for this problem.  Cooperation from the five main mobile service providers will help in addressing the problem.

In case of betting and human trafficking, not only the big names and the prostitutes but even the users from home and the people paying for sex with the under aged/ illegally trafficked will be charged and arrested. For Tote, he said since the young generation is not much attracted to this horse race betting, this would eventually wash away.

For street racers he said help of the locals will be needed to report any such incident so that quick actions can be taken.

The Man of the hour- "Big Joke"

“I can work anywhere,” he said. “We say press conferences are just 15% of what we do. We do it to assure the public. But that is all it is – we need to work behind the scenes so that the public see a real difference and it is not just show”.

“Everything should be for the benefit of the public not me or my team”, said the Maj Gen.

We want them to enjoy our great culture like the Grand Palace – and not be taken to some rip-off jewelers by tour organizers”, this he said for the Chinese in particular.

Surachet’s high profile makes many foreigners wonder as to how deputy commissioners of the Tourist Police hold such repute and public recognition.

Surachet states that the cooperation from the people high up and that of the whole force makes him very happy.

“I don’t mind what I am doing but we insist on cooperation and we are getting it from all quarters. The trust of the public is what is important. If we do good things public confidence will increase. We need to be mindful to get this confidence,” he said.

Before closing down the interview session he thanked the different sections of the police and the political circles for their immense support.

And lastly, when asked about his opinion regarding his “Joke” name, he replied “I’m easy going,” he said. “My friends call me that and it’s OK. My nickname doesn’t matter – what does matter is that we must be resolute and detailed in our work for the good of the public”.

Source : ManagerOnline

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