33 deaths so far

Despite all the attention and publicity the government has given to what is dubbed the “Seven Dangerous Days”; carnage on Thailand’s roads has prevailed.

On April 11th alone, it has been reported that 33 people have died with a further 420 injured in road accidents.

Compared to the same timescale last year, where 52 people died with 431 injured then there are signs of improvement but it is far from acceptable.

But you have to ask what more the government can do? Their campaigns have been prominent, constantly in the news but the public just don’t appear to take notice. The police and military have been out in force but to no avail, it would appear.

Alcohol has been blamed for the majority of the accidents recorded thus far. Hardly surprising when you consider that the majority of the nation are happy to have a drink and jump on a motorbike or get behind the wheel of a car.

With over 2000 government check points, policed by some 63,000 officials, you would think that people would take notice and refrain from drinking and driving. But it seems the message is not getting through.

Astonishingly, of the 603,000 vehicles stopped, over 27,000 drivers did not possess a driving licence and almost 25,000 motorcyclists were without helmets.

If you want to prevent these people re-offending, confiscate the vehicles and crush them. Or better still, sell them at auction and have the proceeds go to charity.

The only way the people and visitors of Thailand will learn is if the government impose lengthy jail terms for offenders, who drink and drive.


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