Thomas Keating exits Phuket Provincial Court this morning. Photo: Tanyaluk Sakoot

The man who accidentally killed his girlfriend in a freak accident in Phuket, has received a two year suspended sentence and a 5000 baht fine.

Australian Thomas Keating attended Phuket Provincial Court, accompanied by family members, the Australian Consul-General for Phuket and his lawyer, listened to the judge describe the incident as “a terrible tragedy.”

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Twenty-two-year-old Keating and Emily Collie, 20, were holidaying in Phuket when disaster struck. The pair were aboard jet-skis when they collided with each other. As a result of the collision, Emily received fatal injuries.

The incident happened on the 5th of February 2017. Keating said that strong sunshine impaired his vision as he failed to see his girlfriend approaching, which ultimately led to the accident.

Our thoughts are with Mr. Keating and Emily’s family.


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