Large numbers of people are taking getting a good view of the cremation ceremonies very seriously with scores of people already camping out on the streets in old town which is located close to Sanam Luang with a full two days to go before the ceremonies begin.

The cremation grounds officially open tomorrow and hordes of people are currently settled in makeshift camps to make sure they get the best viewing location.

Following a request from King Maha Vajiralongkorn officials have made extra viewing areas for the public as they believe that the amount of mourners wishing to attend the ceremonies will surpass estimations.

The newly designated viewing areas are said to line three sides of the Grand Palace and will create an area of 9,420 extra square meters of space for mourners estimated to facilitate roughly 19,000 additional mourners.

It was reported that the main viewing area can hold approximately 60,000 mourners and according to reports more people than can be held may already be camped outside waiting for the gates to open at 5am tomorrow to get a viewing spot.

Petcharat Chankrajang, 48, said she began camping outside the Sanam Luang grounds on Sunday but noted she was not the first to arrive.

It was reported people started camping as early as Saturday to try and get the best viewing spot possible.

Officials are apparently in the area and do not wish to prevent people from camping but are there to prevent any arguments and to ensure everyone’s safety

Source: Coconuts

Source: Love Pattaya Thailand


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